Mental Health Awareness and Financial Wellbeing

Below is an article published by wealth management company Mattioli Woods, which is on financial well-being which unfortunately for many of our clients, cannot be considered to be the case. If you require urgent help for mental health, please go to: If you are struggling with mental health issues resulting from financial distress, help … Read more

G&S – May 2022

Like most people in business, you never plan for it to go wrong. After signing several PGs whether as asset finance or business expansion loans, you put the consequences to the back of your head and leave the thoughts as filed! Sadly when something goes not according to plan, they came back to bite us … Read more

Dispelling The Myth That Fully Involved Directors Must Be Told By Finance Companies To Get Legal Advice


So often we hear from guarantors or their advisors that it was reckless lending by the finance company or that the directors were not compelled to go and get legal advice when they signed the personal guarantee. Certainly this was of some concern for some of the main high street banks in the 1990’s and … Read more