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We are experts in dealing with every aspect of Personal Guarantees. We offer help to clients in understanding the implications of signing guarantees, whether this is in relation to a bank, asset lease, director guarantee, invoice finance, trade supplier, crowd funding loan or property lease; helping to avoid the potential woes of Personal Guarantees.

Our expertise and proven success underpins the support we provide to clients when a Personal Guarantee is called in.

With an impressive track record we are confident in being able to offer help and information to all business owners and professionals that we deal with.

We have achieved extensive client success

Average settlement of 27.5%

£11 million debt restructured

Cases from £1k to £10 million

£90 million of guarantees managed

Our Latest Statistics

  • We’ve helped some 2000 people deal with over £90 million of personal guarantees over the last ten years
  • of this total, £16.8 million have been settled for £4.6 million with an average settlement rate of 27.5%
  • and a further £11 million of debt restructured to avoid the personal guarantees being called
  • We have helped with personal guarantees from as small as £1,000 to more than £10 million
  • Out of the £73 million or so of unsettled personal guarantees we have dealt with, over 2/3rd of them are not being chased for an extensive period but it would be imprudent to count those as settlements until the statutory limitation dates apply

We would also add that although our overall average settlement percentage rate has actually reduced slightly in the last 5 years from 29% to 27.5% we must stress this is no indicator of how much the settlement will be on any individual case; we have a set of videos and articles which might assist you in understanding what helps get a deal done in our Breaking News.

There are a number of areas where our expertise can help in regard to personal guarantees, see the scope of our services below

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our prepared answers below

Resigning as a director or no longer being involved in the business can be thwart with issues and concerns: both from a personal and a business point of view. Managing such a transition can require great delicacy due to the conflicting demands that can arise. So it is important to get this right and we know from experience that this is something that has to be dealt with in a sensitive way.

There is a choice to be made between going it alone and acting in consort. From a solicitor’s point of view, they may have a conflict of interest representing a number of different parties but it is worth weighing up which is the best way to go on this. This is something that there is no panacea for all- it has to be considered on a case by case basis and there has to be great sensitivity to the relationship of those involved and what their personal circumstances are.

Please contact us as soon as possible. Experience tells us that we obtain better results the earlier we are involved in a case. The closer you are to the precipice, the more energy it will need to recover the situation.

They would normally have much better security as a result of a charge on property and it does alter the dynamic more in their favour. But they still have to have acted properly and the situation can be negotiated even if the cards are all stacked in their favour. So ensuring that they did is something we are able to clarify.

This can be a very worrying time for you, but for a life partner it can appear even worse – if they are not on the inside track or not close enough to the situation, the lack of knowledge can put them in an even darker place. Giving them as much information as they feel they require can often give them a feeling of understanding that may ease their concerns. But sometimes it can create more of a worry. As a result of our experience, we are quite happy to talk it through with your partner to help give them the comfort they need.

Banks have to behave properly. If, in getting the finance in place they have acted improperly, this may severely prejudice their position. So knowing the circumstances as to how it was put in place in the first instance can often reveal these sorts of issues.

This can be such a hard place to be and that bucket of sand can look so inviting – but ignoring the issue won’t make it go away, it will just accelerate the bank’s action. Sometimes a situation does not require an immediate remedy – however talking to us will help you understand the best way forward. So early commencement of discussions are terribly important.

Some people do and some people succeed. Our experience in this field is extensive; inappropriate or untimely communications (either not responding quickly enough or just as bad, responding too quickly) can get you in a place which is hard to get out of. It is always worth having a chat with us first.