We are very pleased to have been able to help so many

KW – August 2021

When we are faced with the reality of a Personal Guarantee being enforced it is usually because something unexpected or unforeseen has gone very wrong, possibly self inflicted or most likely through outside agency. Regardless of ‘why’, the reality though is that ‘we’ end up quickly embroiled in a ‘David and Goliath’ scenario that can feel wholly overwhelming and debilitating to say the very least. At this point, having an emotionally unconnected professional experienced competent ally by one’s side, in our opinion (after struggling alone), is essential, and even possibly fundamental to a ‘positive’ outcome. Personal Guarantee with its effective

LC – August 2021

Mel and his team were friendly, but professional to deal with. They managed to get an amicable resolution and good settlement for a guarantee which I’d signed but couldn’t pay due to lockdown. I was worried as well as clueless about the small print and consequences of the guarantee, but they explained everything with patience, and put my mind at ease. I felt fully supported throughout the process.

BH – July 2021

I would like to thank Personal Guarantee for the help they gave us sorting out the situation we found ourselves in. Mel gave us good advice and assured us that he and his team of Wendy and Harry would take the pressure off of us and sort things out. He gave us the worst case scenario which was not as bad as we were thinking, then his team set about negotiating a solution with the creditors. They managed to get the creditors to allow a sensible payment plan without the exaggerated costs they were asking for. We are very grateful

IW – April 2021

Huge thanks to Mel, Faye and Harry for their help and support during a difficult financial matter. The advice I was given was spot on, and that gave me confidence through the whole process. A really professional company, cannot recommend enough.

DB – March 2021

I engaged personalguarantee.co.uk in January 2021 to help negotiate a reduction in a personal loan with an offshore lender at a punitive rate. I worked closely with Mel Loades over a two month period. During that time, Mel’s approach was both systematic and professional and after much toing and froing we achieved a desirable outcome saving a six figure sum. I would have no hesitation in using www.personalguarantee.co.uk again nor recommending PG to anybody who needs help in negotiating a reduction in their PG exposure

CG (&MB) – January 2021

I would echo MB’s sentiments. In terms of a testimonial I would say that to be pitched into this situation is extremely stressful, and it was a great comfort to have someone like Mel go out to bat for us; to have a cool and experienced head available during a period of great uncertainty. Plenty of solid help later, we found the roof was not coming in after all and one day, things would get back to normal despite our worse fears. I would certainly recommend Personal Guarantee.

SF – June 2020

I cannot thank Faye and her team at Personal Guarantee enough. The recent personal guarantee claims have been very traumatic as they hit you when you are already down. Thankfully I can now say that with the support of Personal Guarantee both claims are settled and finished with an overall very reasonable result. I can now move on.

MP – June 2020

We were recommended to Personal Guarantee and Mel Loades a little while ago after I had a business failure leaving a number of outstanding debts with personal guarantees. During this very stressful and turbulent time, Mel was very approachable, helpful, experienced and empathetic. Mel and the team helped draw up a plan to approach the creditors, we managed to work through these and paid them off at reduced rates and without too much further upheaval. I would like to thank Mel and the team and would certainly recommend Personal Guarantee as they were a great help and assistance to us.

CS – May 2020

Personal Guarantee are a professional and experienced firm who go the extra mile. Mel and his team are friendly, approachable and always keep you updated by explaining the whole process in a simple and concise way which helps to relieve any stresses and worries that you might have. There fees are fair and reasonable and you always feel that you are in safe hands. I would not hesitate to recommend Personal Guarantee to any of my friends or to a family member. I would definitely give them 10 out of 10.

PQ – January 2020

After meeting Mel I was introduced to Faye McCarron who then went on to deal with two PG claims against my son. Her knowledge and support enabled us to remove the first and reach a favourable outcome on the second. If you have a PG problem these are the people you need to contact.

NH – January 2020

I would like to thank Mel, Helen and the rest of his team for their pragmatic, professional and realistic advice over the past five years years helping me deal with a protracted joint and several personal guarantee situation which for me was a very substantial sum. Without Mel and his teams help and in-depth understanding of the PG landscape within each bank we would not have been able to settle at nearly 40% reduction.

AS – January 2020

I would like to personally thank Mel for all his help in dealing with the liquidation of my company. Liquidators were looking to recover funds through potentially selling my house. This was a frightening situation to be in. Thankfully I was put in touch with Mel and his team. Not only did they manage to keep the liquidators away they also reduced the outstanding amounts by over 60%!. I can not thank Personal Guarantee and Mel in particular enough for helping me through this and would not give it a second thought to recommend them.