We are very pleased to have been able to help so many

TS – June 2019

I was being chased for a debt for a business that I no longer had any association with. After researching online I came across Personal Guarantee. Speaking with Mel and the team, it was clear to me that they were the company to help. Mel and the team’s knowledge regarding these issues are second to none and they put my mind at easy knowing I was in good hands. They gave great advice and options all the way through the process, keeping me up to date at all stages. Without their expert knowledge, help and support I would have not

SK – May 2019

I was under great pressure from our Bank to make settlement under the Personal Guarantee I had given and this settlement was being demanded within a few days. On the other hand, I was busy in repairing the damage done to our company due to bad debt and not only I was repairing the damage, but I was also busy in bringing in new business. At this point, I needed a third party to negotiate with the bank on my behalf to get us more time to pay the debt. Mel, Helen, Harry and Wendy of PERSONAL GUARANTEE were the

DF – May 2019

From the off I was put at ease by Mel assuring me we could sort things out, he dealt with my problems professionally at every level and got me a result i could never have got near if I had tried myself. I definitely recommend Mel and Faye if you need help dealing with PGs.

DL – April 2019

I would like to thank Mel, Helen and Harry for the professional way in which they dealt with my situation. Their advice, guidance and expertise in presenting a strong case, helped reach a settlement that I was very satisfied with. Also, the manner in which they kept me informed in every step along the way. I would, therefore, have no hesitation in recommending them to future clients needing their particular expert help and advice.

AM – February 2019

“Many thanks to Helen and Mel for helping resolve what became a very stressful issue. They were very professional and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Thanks you once again for ensuring a satisfactory conclusion. I will be only to happy to recommend your firm as and when the appropriate conditions arise.“

DF – February 2019

“I would like to thank Mel and Faye for their help over a 3 year period of business insolvency and personal bankruptcy. Their support in the beginning of helping me to stay calm, know it will all be ok and culminate a plan to move forward was very helpful. Mel helped me with contacts who could also assist and how to negotiate with creditors which ultimately helped secure a good outcome in the end for everyone. Having support, advice and ideas from Mel and his team enabled me to move through this period as best as I could and I

SG – January 2019

“Many Thanks to Mel and Helen for all their work. Mel was very supportive throughout the full process. He managed to get a great settlement. I would definitely recommend using them. Thank you.“

TS – November 2018

“I contacted Mel following correspondence I received from the bank claiming my personal liability for a small firms loan guarantee (SFLG) debt. At the time, I was dealing with the bank on my own and I had gone through their complaints system without success. I was frustrated that the bank’s debt team in Rotherham demonstrated very little understanding or appreciation of the legal issues I raised. I found Personal Guarantee via a Google search and naturally, I wondered if they were credible. Following my initial conversation with Mel, I felt instant relief. I had finally found someone who understood the

RA – November 2018

“From the moment the brewery sent me their original letter, I got in contact with Personal Guarantee via Google, they were very understanding and very helpful from the moment that I had made contact with them. They made several assurances to me and after a few phone calls and letter being created by Mel Loades, I’ve not heard anything from the brewery, and this is three years on now. Mel has said he is always at the end of the phone should I wish to call him, and I’ve taken him up of his offer several times the past few

PC – October 2018

“Sincere thanks to Mel and Helen. The excellent and efficient service has resulted in a significant reduction in my Personal Guarantee obligation.”

RB – August 2018

“When you realise that the company you have worked hard to establish has to close the decision is painful. This is the time when support is needed from the banks and government bodies who are only too glad to offer financial help when times are good but, as we discovered, when the tide turns are ruthless. Within weeks we were told at meetings that, and l quote, ‘we are coming after you personally’ closely followed by threatening lawyers letters and court proceedings. Thankfully we were put in touch with Mel and his team who, from the outset, offered reassurances that

KS – July 2018

“When our company was liquidated we approached Mel and his team for guidance on dealing with Personal Guarantees. He analysed our list of creditors, worked with us to identify where the risks were, and helped us with our responses to the single company that pursued us; his advice enabled us to significantly reduce the amount. His reassurance about a large Personal Guarantee to our bank saved us many sleepless nights.”