We are very pleased to have been able to help so many

NH – January 2020

I would like to thank Mel, Helen and the rest of his team for their pragmatic, professional and realistic advice over the past five years years helping me deal with a protracted joint and several personal guarantee situation which for me was a very substantial sum. Without Mel and his teams help and in-depth understanding of the PG landscape within each bank we would not have been able to settle at nearly 40% reduction.

AS – January 2020

I would like to personally thank Mel for all his help in dealing with the liquidation of my company. Liquidators were looking to recover funds through potentially selling my house. This was a frightening situation to be in. Thankfully I was put in touch with Mel and his team. Not only did they manage to keep the liquidators away they also reduced the outstanding amounts by over 60%!. I can not thank Personal Guarantee and Mel in particular enough for helping me through this and would not give it a second thought to recommend them.

HW – December 2019

In early 2017 my colleague and I found ourselves needing the help of Personal guarantee with a number of matters, after the collapse of two linked businesses left us in a near impossible position. Personal Guarantee helped guide and support us to deal with each matter in turn with the final matter being concluded in September 2019. While the process can be slow and a little unpredictable, Personal Guarantee will control the matter professionally and continue to steer it in the preferred direction while keeping the client at arms length, from the lender, in order they can continue rebuilding their

RT – December 2019

We were recommended to Mel Loades and Personal Guarantee several years ago after our business failed and we started to receive demands from the bank to repay a personal guarantee. It was an extremely stressful and daunting time as we had lost our business and were trying to get back on our feet again and we really didn’t know where to turn or how to deal with the situation as we were far from experts in this area. Taking the first step to contact PG was a huge relief as we immediately felt reassured that the situation was taken under

NH – November 2019

I would like to thank Mel and his team for their pragmatic and realistic advice over the past years helping me deal with a protracted joint and several personal guarantee situation. Without Mel and his teams help we would not have been able to settle at a 50% reduction. Great professionalism and support throughout. 

TS – October 2019

I found Personal Guarantee from a web search and after reading existing testimonials decided to contact them. A High Street Bank was demanding payment against a joint & several guarantee. I had read and been given some informal advice that I would be able to settle at a reasonable level befitting my financial circumstances. I had been trying to deal with the bank directly on my own but it soon became clear that they were only interested in a 100% repayment whether in a lump sum or monthly installments even though I was past retirement age. I was getting very

PR – October 2019

Mel and his team provided us with complete and realistic advice that allowed us to make an informed decision. This resulted in an expedient and pragmatic resolution of a problem that could have ended in a costly protracted dispute. All issues attended by Personal Guarantee were undertaken in a thoroughly professional manner – we have no hesitation in recommending them.

JR – September 2019

We would just like to thank Joss Dicks for all his work in helping us settle a Personal Guarantee that has caused so much stress for so long. With his help and support we are now able to put what has been an extremely difficult time behind us. Having been totally misled into buying a franchise business using borrowed funds the business soon failed. It was very hard to trust somebody else to deal with our financial affairs and we struggled along for quite some time dealing with the bank as best we could. That was a big mistake because

DM – September 2019

Having personal guarantees called upon can be a very daunting and stressful experience especially if they are triggered by a traumatic experience like losing a business. Having the bandwidth to deal with creditors can be overwhelming. Despite originally seeking the counsel of lawyers, who proved to be both expensive and did not give us confidence, we turned to Personal Guarantee for help. Joss Dicks not only took away the burden of negotiating with creditors, gave good solid pragmatic recommendations and negotiated a very workable settlement, saving us thousands we didn’t have. In times of difficulty when you are vulnerable it’s

IL – September 2019

After helping a family member out with a new business, we became indebted to some loan companies. We were given the details of Personal Guarantee and approached them to help us. Mel transferred us to Faye and with the help of Harry, Wendy and Helen, Personal Guarantee were able to negotiate final settlements with these companies and get them off our case. This was a frightening experience for us and without the help from Personal Guarantee I don’t know what we would have done. Our sincere thanks go to them. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this agency to anyone who

TC – September 2019

Having received a demand from the Bank for repayment under the terms of a personal guarantee I decided to look into having someone represent me who had experience in dealing with Bank guarantees. A quick search on the internet led me to ‘Personal Guarantee’ and I spoke to them and they, straightaway, gave me the confidence that they could achieve a better result than I could on my own. The ensuing months saw a lot of correspondence to just track down the right person in the Bank so that negotiation could begin. Once in contact with the right person they

SB – August 2019

I was recommended to Personal Guarantee in July 2016. I was being aggressively pursued by a bank for immediate payment of 100% of a joint and several guarantee, related to a company I had left previously. Mel is a leading expert in the field of Personal Guarantees and quickly assessed the situation and provided decisive expert advice in developing a strategy and provided immediate guidance and reassurance. Mel and his excellent team effectively took control of a situation that was outside my area of expertise and as result massively reduced the stress of a difficult situation. They worked professionally and