Having inadvertently given a PG on what I believed to be a normal trade credit account application I was recommended to contact Personal Guarantee.

From the outset, following an initial conversation with Mel, it was clear that Personal Guarantee had in-depth knowledge and experience of dealing with such situations and were able to quickly identify potential flaws and weaknesses in the document I had signed.

Mel, Wendy & Harry quickly took charge of the situation, contacting the creditor’s representative to initiate a dialogue. Throughout the process, the service from Personal Guarantee was exemplary; they were always contactable and were able to draw on their extensive experience of similar situations to offer pragmatic and helpful support. They drafted all correspondence and maintained a regular dialogue with the third party which ultimately produced a satisfactory negotiation for all parties.

Swift responses, great negotiations, easily contactable and always on hand made the whole route to resolution of a difficult situation much less stressful than it might have been. I have no hesitation in recommending Personal Guarantee and thank the whole team for their support and the achievement of a favourable outcome.

FM – May 2023