In the summer of 2022 I knew my business was in dire financial trouble, having signed a multitude of personal guarantee backed loans I felt if I buried my head in sand it will all go away, of course how wrong I was; I asked for help from companies advertising their services for people in my situation but with most asking for large retainer fees which I had no way of raising.

I had originally approached Personal Guarantee just after summer 2022 but I made the huge mistake and did not follow up with Mel’s recommendation of dealing with the situation at the early stage but I reconnected with Mel late 2022, two of the guarantees had been served by then, these had to be settled at a huge cost and burden to my family, throughout this I stayed in contact with Mel who offered support and guidance when I needed it.

In August 2023 another creditor issued a statutory demand , in the first instant I contacted Personal Guarantee, within a few weeks the team at Personal Guarantee were able to negotiate a final payment of over 40% less than the original amount and arrange split payment terms, a real credit goes out to the team at Personal Guarantee and I cannot thank them enough.

KD – January 2024