Testimonials Archive

RA – November 2018

From the moment the brewery sent me their original letter, I got in contact with Personal Guarantee via Google, they were very understanding and very helpful from the moment that I had made contact with them. They made several assurances to me and after a few phone calls and letter being created by Mel Loades, I’ve not heard anything from the brewery, and this is three years on now. Mel has said he is always at the end of the phone should I wish to call him, and I’ve taken him up of his offer several times the past few years. I would recommend Personal Guarantee to anyone that has an issue with a personal guarantee. I made the right choice in selecting them for my issue.

PC – October 2018

Sincere thanks to Mel and Helen. The excellent and efficient service has resulted in a significant reduction in my Personal Guarantee obligation.

RB – August 2018

When you realise that the company you have worked hard to establish has to close, the decision is painful. This is the time when support is needed from the banks and government bodies who are only too glad to offer financial help when times are good but, as we discovered, when the tide turns are ruthless. Within weeks we were told at meetings that, and l quote, ‘we are coming after you personally’ closely followed by threatening lawyers letters and court proceedings. Thankfully we were put in touch with Mel and his team who, from the outset, offered reassurances that help and support to deal with the PGs was what they specialised in. The stress levels lifted immediately and working closely with them made us realise that we were in good hands. They negotiated payment plans that were realistic and after a period of time have now been settled. I would recommend to any business in difficulties to turn to Mel and his team for help as they really are there for you when you need it. Can’t thank you enough!

GWS – July 2018

I used Personal Guarantee to assist me with negotiation of a PG settlement with some liability when my company went into Liquidation. I found them to be professional knowledgeable and value for money as their advice helped me reduce the previously negotiated settlement even lower. I would recommend their services.

KS – July 2018

When our company was liquidated we approached Mel and his team for guidance on dealing with Personal Guarantees. He analysed our list of creditors, worked with us to identify where the risks were, and helped us with our responses to the single company that pursued us; his advice enabled us to significantly reduce the amount. His reassurance about a large Personal Guarantee to our bank saved us many sleepless nights.

SK – June 2018

A demand on a PG was causing me a considerable amount of worry. Mel took the time to discuss options and strategies without diluting the risks which still allowed me the opportunity to relax and think logically about the liability. Mel and his team have negotiated an interim repayment of £25 per month on a liability in excess of £20K…..What a result. Thank you.

CN – March 2018

I have spoken to Mel on a couple of occasions regarding personal guarantees, both for myself and clients who I am advising. Their knowledge of Personal Guarantee is superb, they are also very friendly and helpful and I can’t recommend them enough.

AP January 2018

Mel and Marianne at Personal Guarantees were reassuringly helpful and made the whole process, which can be intimidating, very simple.

OC January 2018

When the bank called in the personal guarantee I held with them, I contacted Mel. The bank were chasing and hounding me. The team at Personal Guarantee were helpful and understanding and negotiated an outcome that allows me to carry on trading and running a business without the stresses and anxiety that I would not have coped well with. Personal Guarantee were completely on top of matters. The loss of my business had been traumatising but it would be far worse if the team at Personal Guarantee were not on hand to help. I have recommended them to friends in similar situations. I would not hesitate using them again should the need arise.

AS October 2017

Personal Guarantee helped me deal with a company who were chasing me over a personal guarantee in an unhelpful, unreasonable and un-personable way. From initial guidance right through to mediation they were helpful, professional and very efficient. A small repayment plan and write off of much of the debt was achieved. Thank you.

CB October 2017

Following a company liquidation we were put in touch with Personal Guarantee. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Faye McCarron who handled our case she was professional, understanding and very supportive during a very stressful time when we find out we had a personal guarantee on a supplier credit account form. She managed all correspondence and negotiations in a prompt and competent manner, we honestly couldn’t have done it without her knowledge and caring attitude, it was a long process due to continued obstructions on their part but Faye was there with us all the way until a final settlement was reached I can not recommend Faye enough to anyone facing the same issues.

GT August 2017

Owing to a number of personal circumstances I had left both my employment and my business to focus on sustained security and a more relaxed working / life balance. Even though I had signed the rights to my business away my business partner of the time was not willing to take sole ownership of a PG we had joint and severally on premises leased to operate the business. I had no interest or sight of the continuing business activity or situation as the relationship between us had sadly broken down. Had the landlord required enforcing the PG, I wouldn’t have had the financial security to honour the payments especially as it would have been only 1 year into a 5 year term and so had made contact with the Landlord direct to explain my situation and sympathetically request removal from the PG. As expected, the landlord refused and such I made contact with Mel who was at hand to help. Mel read through the lease and clauses specific to my PG and made several recommendations to favour my position should the PG ever be enforced. Together we agreed to forward a sensibility constructed letter that Mel had drafted and although would not have removed my PG would have certainly favoured my position should the landlord have ever enforced it. I felt very comfortable knowing that following this interaction should anything develop Mel would certainly be there to help and as we currently stand today the company have since constructed a revised lease that has allowed me to be removed as PG. I am just waiting the release documents. Without Mel’s help I would have driven myself crazy and cannot thank him enough for his assistance. I would definitely recommend his services for anyone struggling with enforced PG issues or even if you need guidance before entering into an agreement.

DF July 2017

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help with this, the support has been superb and thanks for your fast and effective responses, I very much appreciate your hard work and the result you have achieved in this case.

DL July 2017

I would highly recommend the services of personal guarantees to anyone facing this sort of situation. They were extremely helpful and diligent in their pursuit of the right outcome for me and I would definitely recommend using them again.

JW July 2017

Back in January 2015 our company was liquidated and Mel Loades at Personal Guarantees was recommended to us regarding directors’ guarantees with our bank. Mel and Marianne advised on all communications with the bank from this point onwards. The initial success in November 2016 was for the bank to accept repayment terms of £25 per month and reassess after 6 months, which they originally declined. After 6 months the bank contacted us again and Personal Guarantees drafted a letter with the option to continue with the £25 per month payment, or to accept £1000 to clear the near £7000 debt. In July 2017 the bank accepted our offer of £1000 which was great news! Mel and the team have been fantastic and so helpful and professional in their approach, nothing is too much trouble. I can’t express my gratitude enough. To have the knowledge and expertise of Mel and his team on your side during a very stressful period is so reassuring and has enabled myself and my family to all get on with our lives and not to worry about it. I would highly recommend them to anyone in similar difficulties with the banks. Thank you Mel, Marianne and team!

TS June 2017

We were in a difficult business situation and had to wind up the company. It was only after we received a letter from the bank that we realised we had signed a Personal Guarantee for the loan and were being asked for pay it back personally. We didn’t know what we should do as we are struggling financially and this would have made us bankrupt. So researching about this, thank god, we found the personal guarantee website and after a quick chat with Mel (for free and most of them asking for payment before consultation) we are confident we have someone on our side to help. Since then Mel and Marianne have done a very good job with dealing with the bank and getting us out of the situation with a reasonable settlement. We definitely recommend personalguarantee.co.uk if you happen to be in a bad situation like ours.

EZ June 2017

Mel and his team provided a calm, experienced voice at a time when emotions could easily have gotten the better of me. Through clear strategic thinking, they helped me achieve a fantastic outcome. Worth every penny!

MW May 2017

Personal Guarantee acted in our best interests from the very beginning. The stress of having to deal with financial lenders following our company’s liquidation has been taken care of by the guys here. They took control of the situation quickly, which immediately took the pressure off us, and we felt safe in the knowledge we were in good hands.

PW April 2017

From start to finish Mel and the team have been outstanding and saved me a small fortune. I would recommend this company to anyone who has difficulty in personal guarantees.

DG March 2017

Personal Guarantee relieved the stress and emotion from dealing with the bank directly. They promptly advised on what was and wasn’t possible. I am certain that having experienced and knowledgeable professionals negotiate on my behalf gave me the best possible outcome and saved me valuable time and money. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Many thanks once again to everyone!

JC March 2017

After our company went into liquidation in January 2016 it was a very daunting time. We had Personal Guarantees and a lot of stress, we were given Mel Loades’ details and we contacted him straight away. He was very reassuring and had a lot of experience with these issues; we had three Personal Guarantees with different organisations. Mel and the team sorted out the first two very quickly and we were able to sort a financial settlement. The final organisation on the other hand was not so easy but Mel and the team got it sorted brilliantly for us right through till the end. Thanks again to the whole team.

AB February 2017

I was being chased for a Personal Guarantee by my previous IFA network due to commission claw back which was worrying especially since I had no previous experience of such a situation. Mel and the team at Personal Guarantee were able to bring clarity and certainty to the situation with their understanding of how things work and what the network would accept from me. Mel dealt with the network on my behalf using his vast experience in this area to find an agreeable solution. The fee charged for professional service was very fair and a very good value. I was very pleased with the result and the professional service provided by Mel. I would be more than happy to recommend Mel to anyone who is having difficulties with the personal guarantee issues.

AC January 2017

As soon as the bank called in their personal guarantee, I contacted Mel. He could not have been more helpful. The bank was completely disorganised and the situation dragged on for months and months. However, Mel and his colleague, Marianne, were completely on top of matters. I was very stressed out about the whole situation but the way they handled the bank is a lesson in professionalism. The loss of my business has been tremendously difficult but it would be far worse if the team at Personal Guarantee were not on hand to help. I can face the future with confidence. I urge you to contact them if you are facing the same situation as me.

LR January 2017

My company went into liquidation in early January 2016. I received a Letter of Demand from the bank in mid-January regarding a personal guarantee (PG) that I gave to them when I had applied for a business loan in September 2014. The letter from the bank was forceful and threatening to read; threatening legal action. This got me worried; I became fearful seeing the words ‘legal action’, I had never faced this before.

Prior to receiving the bank’s letter, I had already informed the Business Relationship Manager at the bank, some two months earlier, of the business’ financial issues and the substantial loss of monies I had personally invested and would not get back. The bank did not offer support or consideration in this time of need and they also didn’t appear to take into account the facts I had provided them with and they started to behave in an unsympathetic and bullish manner in their letters.

At this point, I started to look for help and found this website. After reading the site’s information, such as testimonials, news and success stories, I saw hope and contacted the Personal Guarantee firm. In response to me email, explaining the full story of my situation and the recent correspondence I received from the bank, Mel Loades and I had an in-depth telephone conversation. After this call I felt better, stronger and nowhere near as worried as I was when I received the Letter of Demand from the bank.

The call with Mel showed me that he has so much experience and knowledge in dealing with banks about personal guarantees and he is not afraid to bat it out with them. It was very pleasant to hear someone is willing to support you and deal with these banks on your behalf and to know they will definitely be on your side no matter how big or small your PG liability is. Mel was telling me how the bank is disorganised in chasing up PG’s liabilities due to some of the bank departments being dysfunctional. This led me to remain stronger and not be as worried about my PG liability.

The support I received from Mel was kind, wonderful, understanding and professional. I have never experienced such wonderful and huge ongoing support in the past – Mel was unique and caring. The support I received from Mel was outstanding, first class and unbeatable. I am proud and glad that I clicked on their advert online. There is someone who can truly help us in these PG situations and fight for us, and he is called Mel Loades.

I truly recommend that if you have a personal guarantee liability and received bullish letters from the banks demanding repayments, do not sit and wait, get in touch with the Personal Guarantee team; the sooner the better!

You must act now and appoint Mel to help you – he will eliminate your burden and deal with your pain. This an opportunity for you to get your life back to normal; let the professionals, Mel and his team, deal with your PG with the banks.

I also find the regular Twitter feeds worth reading and important to keep up-to-date on what is happening in the world of PGs.

PS December 2016

During the many twists and turns my case has taken, the team at Personal Guarantee (BBF) has been there to guide and reassure me throughout the whole procedure I have been very pleased with the professional attitude shown by the company.

JW December 2016

Following company liquidation Mel Loades at Personal Guarantee was recommended to me regarding directors guarantees with the Bank. Mel and the team of Wendy and Marianne have advised on all communications with the Bank and the result has eventually been for the bank to accept an offer which they had originally declined. Mel and the team have been fantastic and so helpful and professional in their approach, nothing is too much trouble. I can’t express my gratitude enough. To have the knowledge and expertise of Mel and his team on your side during a very stressful period is so reassuring and has enabled myself and my family to all get on with our lives and not to worry about it. I would highly recommend them to anyone in similar difficulties with the Banks. Thanks again guys!

DA December 2016

The world of personal guarantees can be a very frightening one and when faced with what appears to be an insurmountable situation you need the expertise of calm, experienced professionals who are genuinely on your side. In my case I was helped enormously by Mel Loades from Personal Gaurantees who provided as much info as I needed. I was prepared to pay a great deal more than was necessary to fend off the creditors but Personal Guarantee’s fees were reasonable and extremely fair. I would not hesitate to recommend Mel and his team and am sure that whatever situation you find yourself in his firm can greatly improve your position with your creditors.

LS November 2016

Since the demise of my previous business, due to contracts not being honoured by my clients, I found myself in a situation with the Bank, who decided not to support us with our lending and existing debt; after a very long period, when the Bank changed collectors companies on 4 occasions causing the situation to start all over again, Faye, Wendy and Mel were extremely helpful and understanding in their support and finally getting resolution to the Personal Guarantee with agreement on a cost effective repayment situation moving forward. This has taken a worry out of my, and my family’s, everyday life and freed us up to look forward to the future thanks to the team.

GW November 2016

Following the recent confirmation from the bank regarding my personal guarantee I would like to thank Marianne and Mel for the professional way in which you were successful in bringing the matter to a conclusion that would not have happened without yourselves. Although a stressful period of my life, throughout the period you kept me fully informed of the preceding which gave me hope. Once again many thanks.

MW October 2016

I would like to thank Mel and Marianne for all their support and professionalism with my personal guarantee against the bank. Without doubt, I would certainly recommend them to anyone in a similar situation. Losing a business is stressful and difficult enough, but they took that extra pressure away when dealing with the personal guarantees. A huge weight has now been lifted and we can now look to a brighter future.

MO October 2016

Following the collapse of the business and faced with large debts backed up by personal guarantees, I was at a really low ebb and didn’t know where to turn. Fortunately, Personal Gurantees were recommended to me by the liquidation company. Once I began speaking with them, they were professional, friendly, knowledgeable and most of all helpful in enabling me to clarify and prioritise the debts, making them easier to deal with and resolve. This was even despite the bank being incredibly difficult to deal with, and actually passing the debt on to their solicitors. Personal Guarantees provided me with the necessary guidance and knowledge to tackle these issues, allowing me to propose and structure an amicable solution with the Solicitors, without any detrimental impact on my personal credit history or rating. I simply cannot thank Mel and the team enough for their help.

RY August 2016

I would like to express sincere thanks on behalf of my wife and I for the exceptional effort delivered by Faye ref the asset lease issue, very impressive.

SS August 2016

Personal Guarantee provided a comprehensive and supportive service covering all aspects of my Personal Guarantee dispute with the bank. They offered truly expert and insightful support, and acted on my behalf in all dealings and correspondence with the banks and their agents. PG were able to negotiate an affordable and satisfactory settlement with the bank on my behalf. Working with experts like PG removed much of the stress and worry that a disputed personal guarantee can otherwise bring.

RJ July 2016

Personal Guarantee were suggested to me by a friend when I got into this mess and, without that suggestion, I would probably have battled on by myself. It was the best suggestion I have ever been given. Personal Guarantee not only saved me many thousands of pounds, by their understanding of the law and rules, but also took most of the stress away dealing with all negotiations in a very professional way and with nerves of steel. I would recommend anybody who is being asked to pay a guarantee to contact them.

MW March 2016

Thank you to the team at Personal Guarantee and of course Steve Maskell who carefully and articulately dealt with a finance company on our behalf to effectively negotiate the final amount owing, and ensuring we were given time to pay it. Thank you!