Like most people in business, you never plan for it to go wrong. After signing several PGs whether as asset finance or business expansion loans, you put the consequences to the back of your head and leave the thoughts as filed! Sadly when something goes not according to plan, they came back to bite us very badly.
The best thing we have done since that happened to us in 2019 is engage Mel and his team at They have recently negotiated an acceptable settlement with a lender, successfully staved off several lenders and are still actively engaged with another lender. They have held our hands through the minefield, assisted us with our defence, written and re-buffed in language the lenders understand, but most importantly been available for support, reassurance and guidance, at some very stressful moments.
From our personal experience, I suggest anybody finding themselves with PGs to their names, to engage Mel at the earliest opportunity, it’s been our mental and financial savour.
Thanks Mel, Steve, Harry and Wendy; couldn’t have done it without you.

G&S – May 2022