We are very pleased to have been able to help so many

WG – July 2022

Mel and the Personal Guarantee team provided me with a greater sense of control during the most challenging and stressful period of my life. The personal guarantee that I was being chased for was in dispute but we came to a settlement that was achievable for me, and the creditor got a face-saving outcome. Whilst my financial troubles are not yet over, I sleep a bit easier at night thanks to the excellent value for money work Personal Guarantee has done for me. A BIG THANK YOU to the whole team.

PB – May 2022

Following my initial contact with Personal Guarantee and being in contact with Joss they have been first class. Working on my side to get the correct solution for me. Although this situation most people find themselves in can be stressful Joss made the situation flow and dealt with the matter in hand contacting me when required. Thanks again for your help.

G&S – May 2022

Like most people in business, you never plan for it to go wrong. After signing several PGs whether as asset finance or business expansion loans, you put the consequences to the back of your head and leave the thoughts as filed! Sadly when something goes not according to plan, they came back to bite us very badly. The best thing we have done since that happened to us in 2019 is engage Mel and his team at www.personalguarantee.co.uk. They have recently negotiated an acceptable settlement with a lender, successfully staved off several lenders and are still actively engaged with another

MG – October 2021

I was recommended to Personal Guarantee after speaking to a friend who had gone through similar circumstances that I was struggling with. The heavy hand of creditors almost pushed me over the limit several times but Personal Guarantee were always a calming influence and understood the situation and always put my concerns at ease. It was a long battle with creditors and hopefully one that is now completed but with the support received I would definitely have gone to darker days. I am now seeing a future and am at peace again, I cannot thank the team enough.

ML – October 2021

We had a successful outcome from a nationwide wholesaler known for their rigid position on PG’s. Communication, professionalism and the support we received from personalguarantee.co.uk was of the standard we had hoped for and their experience helped navigate a very stressful situation.

JGF – October 2021

I would like to say a big thank you the team at Personal Guarantee for their hard work in negotiation an affordable agreement with a personal guarantee that was starting to get me down. The company was very pushy in their approach and Mel, Harry and the team took that pressure away from me where I didn’t have to deal directly with them. This allowed me to concentrate on my business, and thankfully that pressure has now been lifted thanks to the efforts of the Personal Guarantee Team. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

BJ – July 2021

All of you have been great, quick and swift actions with a friendly attitude £56 down to £5k. Enough said. Thanks again

AB – June 2021

From the very outset Personal Guarantee were easy to speak to and laid out clear actions to be taken. I was very stressed about my PG and not only were Mel Loades and Harry Jones extremely professional, but personally very supportive. I highly recommend Personal Guarantee.

DP – April 2021

The Personal Guarantee team are easy and straightforward to work with and highly professional. More than anything their common sense and pragmatic approach helps to cut through the concerns that inevitably come with outstanding debts. It’s a valuable benefit to be able to take one step back and get on with life knowing that your interests are being well represented.

MB (&CG) – January 2021

I used Mel and the team at Personal Guarantee and was so pleased I did. They were totally professional and fully understood the options, strategies and tactics to use. I had a fairly complicated situation and the advice they gave was instrumental in saving £10’000s. I cannot recommend Mel and the team enough.

AS – August 2020

I am so appreciative of the work Personal Guarantee did that benefited not only me but my family as well. You don’t know how much your passion impacts the lives of others for the better, it feels as though a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I can now concentrate on paying people back without having threats of being taken to court etc. Once again on behalf of myself and my family our great big thank you very much and I wish Personal Guarantee all the best of health for the future.

HG – July 2020

Personal Guarantee are a Professional Company and I would like to thank Steve and Faye for all their help and support that they gave me to get my situation sorted and reduced! I would definitely recommend this Company!