We are very pleased to have been able to help so many

JH – Novemner 2023

I was extremely pleased with PersonalGuarantee.co.uk. The total debt was reduced by over 60%. They provided me with a lot of free support to begin with and the fees were very affordable. Thanks very much for saving so much stress and hassle.

YK – September 2023

Thank you to Personal Guarantee for holding my hand the whole way through this very long process of settling my outstanding PG. Your patience, clarity of the matter and constant support make you the number one company in the UK. I will definitely recommend to use your services to friends and family.

BM – July 2023

I contacted Personal Guarantee to try and help me out of an awkward situation I was in with some personal guarantees that had been called up after my company liquidated. They have been so helpful and reassuring all the way through. They managed to agree a settlement of 50% of the original balance for me.

BP – April 2023

During a very difficult time, post the financial crash, we sought assistance from Personal Guarantee to keep the banks at bay! Over the past 13 years Wendy and Mel supported us through a very difficult period, managing communications, and providing guidance and support, whilst being professional and remaining human about the whole process. Recently, with support from Mel and Steve, we have managed to permanently remove the bank’s charges and guarantees, leaving us debt and burden free. We would recommend Personal Guarantee to anyone in financial strife.

DD – April 2023

After closing my business in late 2022 I then had a number of personal guarantees to then tackle. I started working with Mel and the team to deal with these. Beforehand I was looking over a cliff edge but with their reassurance and expertise they helped in tackling these one by one and am now in a much better place. The whole team deserve gold medals for all the work they do.

CF – March 2023

I received a referral to the team at Personal Guarantee from a colleague following receipt of a Solicitors letter relating to payment of a Personal Guarantee. Mel, Harry and the Team provided sound assistance on how to counteract the claim and after a few months of back & forth negotiation, a suitable financial settlement was reached. I would refer anyone to Personal Guarantee for any Personal Guarantee issue.

BV – February 2023

I was offered quotes by other companies that offered to reduce the debt to a certain percentage, but the structure of their deal was such the pricing of their services was tied to “savings”, which resulted still in an extremely high amount to pay. Personal Guarantee was upfront with their flat-rate cost services, did not charge for more than what they put into the case, and were able to achieve a better settlement than the other companies promised but for a significantly lower cost.

RC – February 2023

Huge thanks to all of the Personal Guarantee team, I can not recommend them enough. When my business failed, due to a number of different reasons, I was left with a lot of PG debt which was causing me a large amount of stress. Harry & Mel have been incredibly helpful from start to finish and have always tried to put my mind at ease. You always get the impression that they really do care and want to help you achieve the best possible outcome. Using their knowledge and expertise they have successfully helped me to agree a largely reduced

AP – January 2023

We used Personal Guarantee in dealing with a major high street bank in a long standing dispute after a recommendation from a solicitor. Joss Dicks took on our case after an initial phone call with the company. All negotiations were undertaken by Joss which took away a great deal of the stress we had suffered in our own dealing with lender. He kept us in the loop constantly and his help, information and customer service was second to none. A successful outcome was negotiated and concluded in very good time and the fees were very reasonable and certainly represented excellent

AS – August 2022

On the day I made my final Payment to the Bank to settle my Personal Guarantees with them I have a moment to reflect; I can honestly say that you have no idea how stressful the last 4 years have been dealing with so many Personal Guarantees and finding the money to satisfy them all. But there is now light at the end of the Tunnel, I have 2 left with a Finance house which is on a plan and is more manageable now with all the others gone and should clear within 12 months. I would like to thank

DB – August 2022

I cannot thank Mel, Harry, Wendy and the team enough. After a recommendation I contacted Personal Guarantee and spoke with Mel, he immediately put my mind at rest, his empathy and the manner in which he explained the whole procedure was a huge relief, my stress and worry levels became manageable. Unfortunately the Bank’s department dealing with PGs is overseas and negotiations were spread over several years. The support I received from the team during this period enabled me to get on with my life. Thankfully the PG claim has now been settled with a very reasonable result more than

WG – July 2022

Mel and the Personal Guarantee team provided me with a greater sense of control during the most challenging and stressful period of my life. The personal guarantee that I was being chased for was in dispute but we came to a settlement that was achievable for me, and the creditor got a face-saving outcome. Whilst my financial troubles are not yet over, I sleep a bit easier at night thanks to the excellent value for money work Personal Guarantee has done for me. A BIG THANK YOU to the whole team.