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Capify Personal Guarantee doubt

Capify is a trademark licensed to both United Kapital Limited and Capiota Limited. Capify used to promote credit card backed business finance but now promote just business loans.

We do not see many of Capify Personal Guarantee claims but, when we do, we find a proportion of them can be difficult for United Kapital or Capiota to enforce.

Personal Guarantees are not referred to on the Capify website at all; in fact quite the contrary, as the website makes statements to the effect that security is not required because the business must demonstrate a strong cashflow and trading history.

Issues some guarantors have indicated is that they were pressurised on phone calls (the call being a standard part of Capify’s sales process) with statements being made and undertakings that they felt were not necessarily fulfilled, which may have a consequence as to the enforceability of a Capify PG.

There are also questions to be asked as to whether separate online signatures have been obtained for the company’s finance agreement and an alleged personal guarantee.

If you are being pursued under a Capify personal guarantee (United Kapital Limited or Capiota Limited) and need some assistance, please feel free to contact us…. HERE

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