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Azzurro mark Guarantors credit ratings in error

Please see article HERE by James Hurley of The Times published on the 22nd July 2021.

In dealing with over 2,500 personal guarantees in 13 years we have only seen a creditor wrongly take this action in a handful of cases, all of which were remedied as soon as we made the creditor aware of it.

Azzurro’s action is much more wholesale and appears to be a more deliberate action by someone within the organisation, although Azzurro are remedying the situation.

Azzurro appear to have a number of teething problems in their collections process and we will discuss these in a future article.

In the meantime, we are writing to all our clients who are being pursued by Azzurro to ask them to check their credit ratings to see if they have been affected and we would encourage all those that are being pursued by Azzurro to do the same.


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