After losing our family business after 21 years of trading I found myself in a totally new world where I knew very little and faced a steep learning curve against people who were well versed in what they could and couldn’t do and they were fast approaching us to personally pay for some of the company obligations.

Some of these obligations were correct and some were not and the emotional grief at losing our business which we had grown from nothing, coupled with the instant pressure of people trying quickly to recover monies due/not due was immense and put a real strain on every aspect of my life and had an immediate adverse reaction on my health and mental well-being.

After years of having good support in all areas of how to manage and develop our business I found quite quickly that there was extremely limited support for company owners who had lost their business and needed to manage their way onto the next chapter.

I was extremely lucky in being recommended to Mel and his team and it became apparent during the first phone call that here was the support I was looking for.

Roll forward 14 months and we’re now coming to the end of the transition process and whilst its been tough we’ve been able to negotiate settlements, time to pay options and weed out the claims that were bogus and not correct. In particular Mel’s team are good at breaking everything down into steps and actions that ensure the people chasing for money are managed professionally and you reach solutions that work for everyone.

You do need to be realistic and give Mel and his team something to work with, but provided you do this, in my experience you get to a balanced and fair outcome.

If you find yourself in a similar position to myself I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mel and his team to assist you.

KP – June 2024