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Business Banking Resolution Service (BBRS) will be in place this Autumn

The Times’ James Hurley talks to Lewis Shand Smith, chairman of the nascent Business Banking Resolution Service (BBRS), which has still not gone live due to ongoing arguments over which small businesses will be eligible for its support. Banks say those who have been through a previous redress process, or who have tried to sue their bank, should be unable to apply, but SME representatives say the credibility of the scheme will be fundamentally undermined if valid cases are excluded. Mr Shand Smith says his team have developed a nuanced approach that will see individual cases assessed on their merit but campaigners fear the eligibility issue could leave the organisation unstuck. Ian Lightbody tells the Times that “banks are pushing back like you wouldn’t believe”. Shand Smith concedes there are “knotty points to unpick,” but insists that “none are insurmountable” .

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