Personal Guarantee - What We Do

What We Don’t Do

We DO NOT assist with regard to the following:-

Drafting personal guarantee documentsWe do not draft personal guarantee documentation.
You should approach a solicitor with the relevant skills for this service.
Commercial serviceWe are a commercial operation so we are not a free or charitable service.
An initial consultation is almost always free and wherever possible we will always provide fixed or monthly fixed fee arrangements to help our clients budget effectively in what we know can be very difficult circumstances. Such fixed or monthly fixed fee are likely to be hundreds of pounds for less-complex issues.
If you require a free service or charity support there is a list of approved organisations that provide support Free debt management organisations

Personal guarantees relating to personal rentals, leases or student loansWe do not provide support for any of these matters.
Depending on your needs a solicitor might be better.
We do not provide guaranteesWe do not provide guarantees for any form of debt.
You should approach a solicitor with the relevant skills for this service.
Regulated activitiesWe simply assist with all aspects of personal guarantees supporting limited company and limited partnership debts.

We do not undertake any regulated activities whatsoever.
Debt advice, personal loans, personal guarantees re personal borrowersWe DO assist with all issues relating to personal guarantees that support limited company debts and agreements including pre-signing negotiation, terminating, contesting their validity and settlement negotiation.

We DO NOT provide consumer debt advice.
Insolvency adviceWe do not provide any insolvency advice although we know some very good people who do.

If you would like us to put you in contact with a good insolvency practitioner in your area to meet your needs please complete the contact form: