I found Personal Guarantee from a web search and after reading existing testimonials decided to contact them. A High Street Bank was demanding payment against a joint & several guarantee. I had read and been given some informal advice that I would be able to settle at a reasonable level befitting my financial circumstances.
I had been trying to deal with the bank directly on my own but it soon became clear that they were only interested in a 100% repayment whether in a lump sum or monthly installments even though I was past retirement age.
I was getting very distraught by the whole situation so was very relieved when I contacted Personal Guarantee and Mel Loades and his team took on my case. Their knowledge & experience of negotiating with the banks and getting them to be realistic is very reassuring.
So, if you are in a similar situation, don’t try and do it on your own and don’t hesitate, contact Personal Guarantee. The sooner you do that the better the outcome.

TS – October 2019