I was recommended to Personal Guarantee in July 2016. I was being aggressively pursued by a bank for immediate payment of 100% of a joint and several guarantee, related to a company I had left previously. Mel is a leading expert in the field of Personal Guarantees and quickly assessed the situation and provided decisive expert assistance in developing a strategy and provided immediate guidance and reassurance.

Mel and his excellent team effectively took control of a situation that was outside my area of expertise and as result massively reduced the stress of a difficult situation. They worked professionally and creatively over a period of three years, providing regular progress updates and strategic instruction, maintaining a firm stance in their dealings with the bank throughout. Their careful planning and diligent work allowed preparations for the ultimate settlement that their excellent work achieved at approximately 35% of the original demand.

Mel and his team at Personal Guarantee have provided superb service throughout and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them in relation to Personal Guarantee issues and would recommend anyone wrestling with similar stressful matters to make contact at the earliest opportunity.

SB – August 2019