“When you realise that the company you have worked hard to establish has to close the decision is painful. This is the time when support is needed from the banks and government bodies who are only too glad to offer financial help when times are good but, as we discovered, when the tide turns are ruthless. Within weeks we were told at meetings that, and l quote, ‘we are coming after you personally’ closely followed by threatening lawyers letters and court proceedings. Thankfully we were put in touch with Mel and his team who, from the outset, offered reassurances that help and support to deal with the PGs was what they specialised in. The stress levels lifted immediately and working closely with them made us realise that we were in good hands. They negotiated payment plans that were realistic and after a period of time have now been settled. I would recommend to any business in difficulties to turn to Mel and his team for help as they really are there for you when you need it. Can’t thank you enough!”

RB – August 2018