When we are faced with the reality of a Personal Guarantee being enforced it is usually because something unexpected or unforeseen has gone very wrong, possibly self inflicted or most likely through outside agency. Regardless of ‘why’, the reality though is that ‘we’ end up quickly embroiled in a ‘David and Goliath’ scenario that can feel wholly overwhelming and debilitating to say the very least.

At this point, having an emotionally unconnected professional experienced competent ally by one’s side, in our opinion (after struggling alone), is essential, and even possibly fundamental to a ‘positive’ outcome.

Personal Guarantee with its effective and compassionate team led by Mel Loades were that ‘ally’, and, after a decade of previous struggle and living under a very dark cloud indeed, within twelve months of engaging Personal Guarantee, (still relatively difficult and stressful months it has to be said), a resolution was successfully achieved whereby the Personal Guarantees will be satisfied and withdrawn and without the final card of personal bankruptcy having been played or forced upon us.

If you have Personal Guarantee issues, we highly recommend you talk to Personal Guarantee.

KW – August 2021